Monday, September 19, 2011

ok i suck. BIG TIME.

Premonition? no, i believe in HIM

been thinking a lot about things, about my priorities in life.

now, im going to check my accounts test results which had me bugging since like forever.
and how ironic, here i am sitting beside my old grey lappie and i can hear maher zain crooning, 'Insyallah.... insyallah.. you'll find your waaayyyy~~' from the website that mum didnt close earlier and as i closed my eyes, BAM guess what i saw, my red lappie wallpaper showed 'STAY STRONG' in caps.

what? a premonition for doom?

i just believe in HIM, and no one else.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

ya ya yaaaa. okay still alive. :D

Friday, February 11, 2011

people say that god wont put us through trials and tribulations if we cant handle it. i honestly believed that.

'you wont be able to play your instrument for awhile.. you may also lose your sense of taste and touch at that area' i still remember dr tan's words. 'the bone inside will gradually re-absorb and you will have to go for another surgery'

But.. i dont know.. i dont know how to bear this burden. harsh.. and very cruel. i barely even start on my beautiful dreams and i have to say goodbye to it already?

everyday i pray that i will never face this again. because if i do, i dont know what i will do.
i dont want to ever have to go to the rooftop alone again and cry my eyes out.


Saturday, February 05, 2011


this blog is still breathing. definitely of course, i do not have any intentions to delete this blog. too precious.. my life's secrets are here. kekekeke.

finally got out of the acne problem. sigh. it was bad. and i mean bad. and painfull. even without touching my face. and school? nah. dont talk abt it. im not sure how im going to survive. oh well, im going to fret abt this when the time comes. and i thought of trying again for ntu or nus.. which i totally do not have confidence in. BUT i believe in trying. SOMEONE CONVINCE ME I CAN AND HAVE THE ABILITY TO ENTER NTU OR NUS. *sighs* (inner conflict here)

work work work. yeah what else? oh! finally got myself into mengaji class again. damn my reading is so bad. gawd! its embarrassing. and Arab class will be put on hold 'cos its too expensive. driving too. (even though cik sham wants to pay for it.. NO! since she mentioned that i didnt pitch in to help and pay for the household expenses (its not like i earn $1000 plus okay and i still have to support my mum, dad, grandma, shamil, and myself too) so.. i figured out if she pay for my driving lessons she'll ungkit it in the future.. which i absolutely do not want to happen) money money money, even families can break up because of it. sad truth.

oh ac class reunion was AWESOME. yeah we bbq-ed in the rain. hahaha. i miss them la. the kecoh-ness. haha.

okays, will blog,


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

in the end, its still my fault.

i was wrong.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ok i didnt get through.

i need to be strong.


Saturday, November 06, 2010

in the end, always smile, think positive and have a bright and cheerful image despite everything.

(\/^^)! fighting~! heeeee..
i miss band so much.

tehehe. missing band and onew picture do not have any connection right? 
i see it, but if you dont, its okay.